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Success stories

Our team has developed multiple platforms, websites and blogs for different customers in Germany, Canada and US.

For our customer is very efficient to work with our team because we professionally deliver all the services needed to fully build a website from scratch. This generally means consulting, design, implementation, testing, maintenance.

Ascendro is well known for its talent to deliver custom programing services and complex implementation with PHP frameworks and Content Management Systems.


We use one or more of the following technologies to develop websites and blogs:
  • Yii Framework, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Drupal for presentation solutions and custom development.
  • Node.js and Socket IO if real time functionality is needed.
  • Balsamiq for wireframes within the product discovery phase.
  • Graphic design, User Experience and User Interface creation for the best look and feel.
  • HTML, Css, jQuery and Responsive design for graphic design integrations.
  • Selenium IDE for browser automate testing.
  • Redmine as a project management and communication tool.
  • Jenkins for continuous integration and automated deployments.
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We use a collaborative and transparent approach for each project. Our customers have full access to our project management tool Redmine so they can easily track their project status and progress.
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  • "Ascendro’s effective and timely development execution in building our Release Management system, has enabled MSCA to deliver the most robust device and service release information to all stakeholders. The release management is the central knowledge base within Samsung North America for proper device and service release deployments into the US market.

    Currently, we are building with the Ascendro the next version of a much more stakeholder integrated release management system."
    Juergen Roeck, Deployment Lead, Samsung Electronics America
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  • "Ascendro defines what web technology is in this high tech world. I always recommend Ascendro team for three reasons: Expert Quality Work, Great time frame to go beyond, and last but not least the ROI. I know many web professionals yet very few like Ascendro who can get the job done as promised.

    They will do more than what Statement of Work says and will go beyond. I highly recommend Ascendro company to join any workforce in need."
    Samuel (Chan-il) Moon, CTP Sr. Procurement specialist at Samsung Electronics America
  • "Ascendro helped me to successfully complete several web projects for my business. The most valuable assets of Ascendro team are their strong technical expertise and the close support they provided during the projects.

    Our current cooperation will definitely continue."
    Stefan Bayer, CEO serviceprinzip.de
  • "Ascendro has been a true partner to AssetWatch, they have participated as a member of management in the design and development of our cloud based app and phone apps.

    They offer a complete solution from design to security assessments and Quality Assurance. Partnering with Ascendro is like having a full Research and Development team on my payroll for a fraction of the price. I highly recommend Ascendro."
    Mike Batesole, CEO AssetWatch, Inc.
  • "We have been working together with Ascendro for several years on a variety of web projects. They listen carefully and the latest new media requests are always delivered by them with competence and effectiveness.

    I recommend Ascendro for their creativity, friendliness and high motivation. "
    Frank Müller, CEO Einsatzbüro
  • "I have been involved with Ascendro for years on multiple start ups having an internet business presence.

    They have been a great addition to each team with which I have worked. Ascendro‘s personnel are professional, easy to work with, insightful and able to suggest practical and creative solutions whenever a “bump in the road” is encountered.

    I will continue to suggest Ascendro to clients because they make my clients happy and my job easier."
    Thomas P. O'Toole, MBA Attorney at Law
  • "We are very satisfied with the service of Ascendro. Always on time and with perfect delivery.

    We are happy that we found a partner as Ascendro is."
    Christian Kokot, CEO CYMOS IT-Consulting