Custom Web Applications

Building custom web applications is our main focus and therefore our specialty. We add value to different companies around the world by delivering powerful custom applications that empower business core competences and make the best use of the latest technologies.

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DevOps and 24/7 support

One of the key services we offer to our customers is the 24/7 support and operations for their applications. Offering the full spectrum of services comes with higher responsibility for our team but also with more professional satisfaction and better trust from our customers.

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High Performance Solutions

We are specialized in high performance solutions and we leverage the latest technologies to manage applications that handle large data and high volume of requests per second. We master Node.js, MongoDb and Socket IO.

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Programming is our core competence and literally the heart of the Custom Web Applications, Ecommerce systems or the High Performance Solutions we are building. We love programming and we are always willing to take over challenging projects. We assign research time for our team to play with new technologies and discover new ways to improve our services, thus helping our clients achieve their goals.


We provide early stage consulting and we use our experience to guide customers towards the best technical solutions for their businesses. We engage customers in intensive workshops and discovery phases that help them make the best decisions based on solid assumptions.
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Project Management

We offer English and German language project management. Our team is using scrum SCRUM project management methodology and proactive communication to meet tight deadlines and efficiently handle dynamic projects.

System Architecture

We project smart and stable system architectures that helps us build applications on a solid and scalable foundation.
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We use wireframes to calibrate customer business needs, project a clear view of the application core functions and to reveal risks/challenges in initial stages of development. This helps both us and our clients to find the best solution to their business needs.

Responsive Design

We implement responsive designs for smartphones, tablets and pretty much all mobile devices. We closely work with the graphic designer to propose solutions and optimizations for both design and functionality.
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Websites and Blogs

We build presentation or functional websites, blogs and online platforms. We start by analyzing the client’s needs and objectives through various consulting sessions. We continue with graphic design, programming and quality assurance to make sure we offer a high quality product for the end users.
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Functional Demo Applications

We build functional prototypes and demo (web or mobile) applications that help start-ups raise money and better present their ideas to investors. We combine various skills and technologies to provide the best results for our customers that need functional prototypes (graphic design, frontend development. DojoTool kit).
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Quality Assurance

We use best practices and advanced Quality Assurance tools to deliver high quality products. We are specialized in functional and automated testing. Our dedicated Quality Assurance department helps us to better focus on the product quality.

Server Administration

We take full ownership over our projects and offer end to end solutions. We have a separate department specialized in Server Administration that actively works with the development department.

Operations Support

We offer proactive support and maintenance services for all our projects. We consider ourselves a very reliable partner that provides fast responses and excellent solutions for support tickets.